went to a surprise party last night!! It was actually pretty fun!! I normally like to stay home but both my boyfriend and I surprised ourselves and went and almost lasted until midnight!! haha!! I bought this staple dark grey undershirt to wear under strappy floral dresses to give me some spring fresh hopefullness!!! so soon!!! BUT it is so comfortable I never want to take it off!! Happy weekendsss I’m off to a friends tonight!! WOOO party haha

new dress!!!!!!!

new dress!!!!!!!

I just lost something on ebay :( i got sniped in like the last minute I thought I had won and then I didn’t :( it was so sad :(

I’m feeling a little bored fashion wise… I keep thinking I’m pushing boundaries and falling very short… I’m being more picky about what I wear and being very safe… uuurrrgh I need to get fit again I think I need to be comfortable in wearing summer clothes!! Lucky I have a few months!!! Here I go!!! Summer I may even wear short shorts… WITH NO STOCKINGS!!! Watch out you hot son of a bitch three months… It’s all coming up Milhouse!! 

Beach snaps :D